Comanchero Bikie Power Struggle As Allan Meehan And Mick Murray Clash With Mark Buddle In Jail

The Comanchero bikie gang has been involved in a power struggle since the faction led by Allan Meehan split from the Bandidos. The feud has spilled over into jail, where Mick Murray and Mark Buddle are currently locked in a battle for control. So far, Meehan has managed to keep control of the gang’s resources, but he may not be able to last much longer. In this article, we’ll explore the Comanchero bikie power struggle and see how it could potentially play out.

Allan Meehan, leader of the Comanchero bikie gang, is in jail and facing a power struggle with Mick Murray

Allan Meehan is the leader of the Comanchero bikie gang and he’s in jail facing a power struggle with Mick Murray. According to reports, Meehan has been battling with Murray for control of the gang since Murray was released from prison. The conflict between the two men has led to violence and chaos within the bikie gang.

Meehan is also facing charges relating to drug trafficking and weapons offences. He’s currently behind bars in Victoria and his fate remains uncertain as he faces a number of powerful rivals in prison.

Mark Buddle is the head of the Comancheros, and he’s trying to take over the group

Mark Buddle is the head of the Comancheros, and he’s trying to take over the group. Allan Meehan and Mick Murray are two of his biggest rivals, and they’re currently fighting for control of the gang.

Allan Meehan is Buddle’s former lieutenant, and he was originally part of the Comancheros gang. However, he eventually grew unhappy with Buddle’s leadership style and decided to split off into his own gang. Now, Meehan is challenging Buddle for control of the group.

Mick Murray is also a former member of the Comancheros gang. However, he didn’t stay with them for very long. He eventually decided to break away from the group and start his own faction. Murray is currently fighting against Meehan for control of the gang.

This power struggle between Meehan and Murray is causing a lot of tension within the Comancheros organization. It’s unclear how it will all end up playing out, but fans are watching closely to see who will emerge as victor in this battle for control

The conflict between Meehan and Murray has led to violence in jail

Since Allan Meehan and Mick Murray began their power struggle in Comanchero bikie jail, it has led to violence. The conflict started after Meehan was granted full membership in the gang, something Murray had been trying to keep him from achieving. This led to a series of physical clashes between the two men. In one incident, Murray hit Meehan with a metal chair, leaving him with a broken nose and eye socket.

Things quickly escalated and on December 8th, 2016, Murray allegedly stabbed Meehan multiple times in the back during an altercation in their cell. Meehan required surgery on his back as a result of the attack and is now facing more than 30 prison counts including attempted murder. It seems that this power struggle will only end when one man is dead – or they both get released from jail.

Buddle is also fighting with other bikie gangs in jail

Buddle is also fighting with other bikie gangs in jail.

Allan Meehan and Mick Murray, the leaders of the Comanchero motorcycle gang, are locked in a power struggle with Mark Buddle, the president of the Bandidos Motorcycle Club. Buddle is in jail on weapons charges and was caught trying to smuggle a gun into prison.

Meehan and Murray claim that Buddle is attempting to take control of the Comanchero gang while they’re locked up. The two gangs have been feuding for years and their rivalry has spilled over into prison. So far, it’s seems to be causing problems for both sides.

Buddle was previously imprisoned on drug trafficking charges but he’s since turned his life around. He’s now attempting to get his own gang back on track while he’s incarcerated. The conflict between Meehan and Murray and Buddle may not be resolved anytime soon, but it will be interesting to see how it plays out in the prison system.

The fight for control of the Comancheros

The Comancheros are a powerful biker gang with a long history of criminal activity. The gang is currently divided between two rival factions, with Allan Meehan and Mick Murray leading one faction and Mark Buddle leading the other. This internal power struggle has led to violence, with both sides allegedly engaging in hit-and-run attacks and shootings. In addition to their criminal activities, the Comancheros have also been involved in disputes with other gangs, including the Hells Angels.

This power struggle reached its peak earlier this year when Meehan and Murray were arrested on drug charges. Buddle took advantage of this situation by staging a coup d’état, seizing control of the gang’s assets and ordering members to pledge allegiance to him. However, this move has not gone unchallenged, with several members breaking ranks and pledging allegiance to Meehan and Murray. This ongoing conflict could lead to serious consequences for both sides, as it will likely result in further violence and instability within the Comancheros community.

Allan Meehan and Mick Murray have been locked in a power struggle behind bars

Allan Meehan and Mick Murray have been locked in a power struggle behind bars. The two bikie leaders have been embroiled in a bitter feud since last year, when Allan Meehan was sentenced to four years in prison for his role in the Comanchero motorcycle gang’s failed attempt to take over the Bandidos Motorcycle Club.

Mick Murray has since become the unofficial leader of the Comancheros, but he has been challenged by Allan Meehan’s son, Mark Buddle. In February, Buddle was sentenced to six years imprisonment for his role in the gang’s criminal activity.

The power struggle between Allan Meehan and Mick Murray has resulted in violence both inside and outside of jail. In May, Murray was shot three times while sitting inside a car outside of Hamilton Prison. The shooting is believed to have been retaliation for an earlier incident where Meehan allegedly assaulted one of Murray’s friends.

While the conflict between Allan Meehan and Mick Murray continues behind bars, it is unclear who will emerge as the dominant bikie leader in New Zealand.

The Comanchero Bikie gang war has escalated

The Comanchero bikie gang war has escalated with the recent jailing of prominent members Allan Meehan and Mick Murray. The two were arrested in separate incidents last month and are currently behind bars awaiting trial.

Meehan is the former president of the Comanchero motorcycle club, but he is now believed to be at odds with other senior members of the gang. He and Murray are believed to have been fighting for control over the club’s finances and drug trafficking operations.

Buddle is also involved in the gang war and was recently charged with attempted murder after allegedly shooting at members of another bikie gang. Buddle is also suspected of involvement in a series of financial scams, which has led to him being labelled as one of Australia’s most dangerous criminals.

Allan Meehan is trying to unseat Mark Buddle as the head of the gang

Allan Meehan is trying to unseat Mark Buddle as the head of the gang. Buddle is currently serving a 10-year prison sentence for his role in a violent conflict between the Comanchero motorcycle club and the Hells Angels. Meehan has been appointed the acting head of the gang by the parole board, but he faces stiff competition from Murray, who was expelled from the Comancheros over his involvement in criminal activity. The two men have been engaged in a bitter power struggle behind bars.

Buddle is using his prison cell to expand his influence

Buddle is using his prison cell to expand his influence

The recent prison riots in the Australian state of Victoria have drawn attention to a power struggle between two bikie gangs: Comancheros and the Bandidos. One of the casualties of this power struggle is Mark Buddle, who is serving a 10-year jail sentence for involvement in a motorcycle robbery. Buddle’s former business partner, Allan Meehan, has been fighting against Buddle’s leadership within the gang since he was sent to prison. Mick Murray, another former business partner of Buddle’s, has sided with Meehan.

Buddle’s influence within the Comancheros gang has been diminished by his 10-year imprisonment and by the fact that other senior members of the gang have sided with Meehan. However, Buddle remains a powerful figure within the prison system and can still exert significant control over prisoners and their activities. This power will be important for him as he attempts to rebuild his life after being imprisoned.

The power struggle has resulted in violence and threats

The power struggle between the two Comanchero bikie gangs, the Red Scorpions and the Mongols, has resulted in violence and threats. The dispute began after members of the Red Scorpions sided with their rivals, the Mongols, in a power struggle within the gang. As a result, members of both gangs have been involved in clashes which have resulted in several arrests and injuries. This conflict has now spilled over into prison where members of both gangs are feuding.

In May 2016, Allan Meehan was arrested on charges of weapons possession and extortion. Mick Murray was arrested soon after along with four other members of the Red Scorpions. The six men were accused of plotting to attack another gang member who they believed had stolen money from them. The situation quickly deteriorated when it was alleged that Murray had threatened to kill one of Meehan’s associates unless he paid him $10,000. Shortly after being arrested, Murray allegedly made death threats against Meehan’s family and fellow gang members.

As a result of this ongoing conflict, several inmates at a maximum-security prison have been threatened. One inmate claimed that he was subjected to repeated beatings because he is a member of the rival Mongols gang. Another man claims that he has been forced to sleep on the floor because he is associated with the Red Scorpions. In addition to physical violence, inmates have also been using social media to threaten each other.

The police are trying to take control of the situation

On Saturday night, the Comanchero bikie power struggle as Allan Meehan and Mick Murray clash with Mark Buddle in jail came to a head. The situation started when both groups were invited to a peace summit in Darwin but only the Comancheros showed up. It was during this meeting that things turned sour when Meehan, Murray and Buddle got into an altercation. This lead to Meehan and Murray being arrested for public nuisance.

Now the police are trying to take control of the situation by locking all three men up in different cells. This is not going well however as the two warring gangs refuse to back down. There have been reports of assaults and threats being made between the groups, so it looks like this dispute is only going to get worse before it gets better.


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