Protect Your Phone With a Thermal Phone Case

Thermal phone cases are designed to protect your phone from the elements. Some models feature water-resistance, drop-proofing, and drop-floating protection. Some models also feature multi-point attachments for a secure grip and stash pocket. Thermal phone cases can fit most large phones. These cases feature NASA-developed technology and can help protect your phone from damage all year round.


A waterproof thermal phone case is a great way to protect your phone from spills and other accidents. These cases come in a variety of styles, colors, and materials. Some even have an interior stash pocket to keep small items safe and protected. This type of case is a good choice for those who don’t want to give up the feel of their phone’s handle.

This case is made of environmentally friendly materials and offers 360 degree protection. It is equipped with a patented 5-layer protection system. The case also has a Chromium Thermal Barrier, a material borrowed from NASA’s spacesuit technology. It is also waterproof, and it won’t interfere with your cellular signal. This case is made to fit most phones, including iPhones, Android devices, and Windows Phones.

A water-resistant thermal phone case can be a lifesaver if you’re planning to go skiing or snowboarding. It also protects your phone from shock and protects the battery. Some of these cases even float in water, making them a great choice for those who spend a lot of time outdoors.

Thermal phone cases can be found in many designs and shapes. It’s important to choose the one that fits your phone snugly. A case that fits too loosely can cause damage to your phone. You can even find a thermal phone case with reinforced corners for extra protection. Another option is the PHOOZY Thermal Phone Pouch, which provides military-grade protection and has a carrying strap for convenient transport.

Thermal phone cases are becoming increasingly popular for the protection they offer. They also help to keep your phone cool during hot weather. They are made of special material that reflects heat away from your phone. Thermal phone cases can also protect your phone from being overloaded and shutting down. You can find a thermal phone case that is designed to fit snugly and protect your phone from the elements.


The benefits of a Shockproof Thermal Phone Case include reduced shock and damage to the mobile phone. Its material is not only strong and durable but also heat-preserving. Its materials can also prevent thermal radiation. Unlike other cases, it does not affect the signal quality of cellular phones and other wireless devices.

Its advanced design uses the same technology that NASA uses to make spacesuits. It can reflect up to 90% of heat away from the device. This technology also extends the battery life of your device by up to 3X. Moreover, it is waterproof and floats in water to provide military-grade shock protection to your cell phone.

Thermal Phone Cases are available in different shapes and sizes, so it is important to pick the one that fits your phone perfectly. Otherwise, it can slide around and get damaged. You may want to choose one with reinforced corners and extra padding to keep it secure. Further, a case with shock-absorbing capabilities is recommended for people who are frequently on the go.

Reflects 90% of sun’s rays

Albedo is a measure of a material’s ability to reflect solar radiation. Different parts of the Earth’s surface have different levels of albedo. For example, the ocean’s albedo is just 0.1, and ice and clouds have a higher albedo, at 0.69 and 0.72 respectively. Snow has the highest albedo of all land surfaces, and parts of Antarctica can reflect as much as 90% of solar radiation.

Protects electronics from permanent damage

Electronics are susceptible to electrostatic discharge, which can permanently damage their components. An electrostatic charge is generated by lightning, which can corrupt data, software, and firmware. It can also cause a full hard disk failure. In some cases, this type of damage is known as catastrophic failure. Electrostatic discharge causes a high-voltage electrical charge to strike an electronic device, which can melt metal, destroy junctions, and damage insulating oxide layers.

Electrostatic discharge is a serious problem for the electronics industry. It can cause explosive gas, fuel vapor, coal dust, or a combination of these. Electrostatic discharge can also damage solid-state electronic components, which can suffer permanent damage if charged with high voltages. Fortunately, manufacturers are taking steps to protect their products against electrostatic discharge. These include establishing electrostatic protective areas and using measures to reduce static electricity, including grounding workers. Another way to prevent electrostatic damage is to install antistatic devices, and monitor humidity levels.

Modern microelectronics are highly sensitive to ESD. A static charge of several thousand volts can damage a component. In addition, the charge can damage a device’s overall reliability. This problem first surfaced in 1947. The first computer bug was a moth that had blocked a relay’s contact.

Electrical surges are another serious problem. They can damage sensitive electronics, especially in your home. Several things can cause electrical surges, including heavy machinery and nearby lightning. Learning how to prevent them will help save money and protect your property from damage. If you’re living near a large factory, you may also share a transformer with it.

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